Start Point Station Road, Deepcar. Just beyond the Lowood Club Click here to see a map of the walk
Grid Reference SK 29215 98042  
Length 2.3 miles Click here to see a photo gallery from this walk.
Grade Total ascent 400 ft. Uneven surface. Muddy in wet weather. Exposed cliff edge.  

Brief Description

Wharncliffe woods and Wharncliffe crags cover an area of several square miles. There is plenty of wildlife to watch out for, including tree pipits, nightjars, newts, and dragonflies. There are a number of forest tracks and paths that crisscross the woods. Most of the tracks and paths are not marked on any maps. Once you are familiar with the overall layout of the woods it is good to wander off up paths and see where they take you.


Path down to the river

Start by parking on Station Road, Deepcar. just past the Lowood Working Men's’ club. Take the path by the river on the opposite bank to the Lowood Club. The path can be seen on the left of the picture.

Follow the path along the river, under the railway bridge and up to the old semi-derelict bridge.

turn right at the old bridge

At the old bridge turn right and climb the steep bank. There are the remnants of steps on the right side, but they have mostly washed away.

At the top of the bank the path opens out to a broad track which passes under the railway bridge to the left. Take the path under the bridge.

Follow the path up the hill and past the small pond on the right. The main path which we need to take then turns left. A broad set of paths go straight on. We will come down those paths on out return journey

take the track up the hill

The path then joins the main track through the woods. This track goes all the way down to Oughtibridge.

Turn left onto the main track and then after about 50 yards turn sharp right and take the track up into the woods.

take the path right into the woods

Follow the track up the hill. After a few hundred yards you will pass a track off on the right to the large pond. We will return to the pond on our way back. Carry on up the hill on the original track. After a similar distance there is another path off to the right.

Take the path down and to the right. The path then passes through a gate and then ascents across the more open heather.

The path rises across the rocky heather and emerges through another gate at the crags.

Turn right onto the path that follows the cliff edge.

Go past the large pond

Follow the path down the crags. The path swings to the right past a power pylon and on to another gate. The path from the gate leads to the large pond we saw earlier.

We leave the pond down the steps at the left end of the dam wall. Take the path down through the wood. Cross the main track and take the pass down where we meet up with the path we took coming up the hill.

Go past the small pond and under or over the railway bridge. If you want to go back by the river then retrace your steps down the bank to the right. Alternatively carry straight on from the railway bridge along the wide path.

This takes you under the longer railway bridge.

On emerging from the long bridge continue along the track. As the track starts to bend to the left there is a path off to the right.

This path then end with a very steep decent to Station Road.To avoid this descent don’t take the path to the right instead stay on the track and follow it round to the left, continuing until it joins Station Road. Turn right to return to the Lowood club.

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Ordnance Survey Explorer map OL1 cover the Stocksbridge area along with the Dark Peak area of the Peak District National Park and should be used in conjunction with these instructions.