Start Point Station Road, Deepcar, Sheffield S36. Park just beyond the Lowood Club. Click here to see a map of the walk
Grid Reference SK29215 98032  
Length 7.0 miles Click here to see a photo gallery from this walk.
Grade Well marked paths. Mainly forest tracks suitable for vehicles.  

Brief Description

A combination of woodland tracks of Wharncliffe woods and the open space of the Chase. The climbs from the start to the highest point is slow and steady. Only a few muddy places in wet weather. Good views across to the Ewden Valley.



Start at Station Road in Deepcar. The official path enters the woods about 200m up the road from the bridge by the Lowoods club. Take the concreted track on the left back up into the woods.

Alternatively there from the bridge there is a path that rises steeply up the bank by a wooden power post. This path takes you past the plaque to indicate the location of a Mesolithic site dating back 7000 years. The plaque is attached to a large rock just to the left of the path. This has always been a popular spot.

Pass through the tunnel under the railway, and then on under the railway bridge. Continue up the path, bearing left until you reach the main track, Plank Gate.

At The main path turn left and then after about 100m turn right and take the track up the hill.


Continue up this track form 0.6 miles. when you reach the top end of the woods Wharncliffe Chase comes into view on the right hand side of the path. Continue up the path with the wall on your right and the woods to the left.


Continue up the path for almost another half mile until you reach Woodhead Road.

Turn right onto Woodhead Road and go 200m until you reach Lodge lane on the right.. Go up Lodge Lane, through the gate and onto Wharncliffe Chase.

Take the path onto the Chase, ignore the path off to the left. keep the microwave communications mast to your left.


Follow the lane until it makes a sharp right turn at the end of a wooded area. Do not follow the lane, instead maintain the current heading across the open ground. Keep the power pylons away to your right.

Keep going in the same general direction.

Another path crosses the path, and then the path swings right past a duck pond.


Shortly after the pond the path again sweeps right. There is a smaller path off to the left. take this path, maintaining the same overall direction of travel.

The path brings you back to the woods. The 100m before the style into the woods is a bog. If it has been wet this bog is quiet deep and wide. If you retrace you steps back up onto the chase you will be able to cross on dry ground before the bog begins.




Cross over the style into the woods. There are a lot of paths in the section of the woods with extreme cyclists producing more on a regular basis. Take the wide forest road, Mouse Park Gate, straight on from the style.

After 200m take the forest road off to the right

Follow this path, ignoring side paths, until you come to a t junction at the edge of the crags. Turn right along the forest road known as Old Yew Gate.

Continue along this track. The track descends steeply down an incline through the woods. At the base of the incline turn left and follow the track down to the main route along the base of the woods, Plank Gate. Turn right onto plank Gate.


Follow Plank gate for almost 2 miles, until you reach the point where you originally joined the path. Take the path down to the left, under the bridge and the tunnel and return to Station Road. 


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