Start Point Station Road, Deepcar Click here to see a map of the walk
Grid Reference SK 29260 98032  
Length 6.5 miles Click here to see a photo gallery from this walk.
Grade Well marked paths, short climb.  

Brief Description

Starting from Deepcar the path follows the river before climbing up to the village of Green Moor. Good views across to Deepcar, Wortley and Thurgoland. The return route is along the trans pennine trail.



Park up on Station Road just over the bridge after the Lowood Club.

Take the path by the river. follow the river under the railway bridge and along to the weir and bridge across the river.


At the weir continue along the river bank.

Follow the river bank under the by pass bridge and onto Soughly Lane.

Turn left and pass over the bridge. Take the lane on the right with the signs for the angling club. Follow the lane with the river on your right, past the fishing ponds.


After passing the ponds continue to the junction of the lanes.

There is an interesting diversion at this point. If you continue straight on for a couple of hundred metres you will reach a set of stepping stones across the river.

From the junction,take the track up the hill.



About 200m up the track, take the path that splits off to the left from the track as the track passes through the gate posts.

Follow the path along the edge until you emerge at the lane.



Turn left opposite the farm and head for the end of the lane.

At the end of the lane take the left fork following the line of the wall, down to the stile.

Cross the stile into the field. continue down the filed with the wall on your right, heading for the farm yard.

Enter the farm yard. Go up right between the cattle shed and the farm house. Pass through the wooden gate and go uphill towards the next farm.



When you enter the farm yard turn right up hill. Follow the track, Park Lane, to the top of the hill where the track turns to the left.

Turn left off the track and follow the wall along the ridge. Keep the wall to your right., and head for the gate.



When you enter the field turn 45 degrees to your right.

Head for the stile in the wall across the field.

Cross the stile and follow the path through the old quarry.

Take the path that leaves the quarry at the same level, rather than the one that goes up a banking.

Follow the path down to Green Moor Road.



Turn right onto and proceed down the road.

Take time to inspect the stocks which commemorate the coronation of King George VI in 1937.

Take the signed path off to the left, down by the side of the bungalow. Follow the path down to the open space. Keep going across the space, past the wooden post, towards the lane. Take the right hand branch of the lane down to the farm.



Pass by the farm taking the track to the left of the farm yard.

Follow the path into the field. Cross the field and then drop down to the right towards the river.

Cross the river using the footbridge.

Continue up the field to the stile onto Old Mill Lane.



Turn left and follow the road along towards the old mill complex.

Immediately after the entrance to The Old Mill House take the stile on the left.

Follow the path with the river to your immediate left.

Continue across the field keeping by the river bank until you reach the railway viaduct. Pass under the viaduct and cross the field.

At the stile turn right and follow the path up to the Trans -Pennine Trail. Turn left onto the trail and head through the tunnel towards Wortley.

The path goes through a tunnel, which is well lit. There is an alternative route signed for those who done like enclosed spaces.



Follow the trail all the way past Wortley Station, under the A616 and into Wharncliffe woods.

Go up the hill into the woods.

Take the right fork when the track splits.

After about 50m take the path on the right, down hill.

Follow the path down, under the stone railway bridge. Continue straight on, passing under the second bridge.

Continue along the path until it opens out onto Station Road. Turn right to get back to the start point

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