Start Point St Mary's Church, Bolsterstone, South Yorkshire Click here to see a map of the walk
Grid Reference SK 27130 96773  
Length 3.1 miles  
Grade Uneven ground, Short stretches get muddy in wet weather  

Brief Description

The walk starts and end in the village of Bolsterstone with its fine church and the Castle Inn. The walk gives magnificent views over the Ewden Valley and across to Wharncliffe Crags. The paths are well defined. There is a short section on public roads but there is a pavement along all this section. Beware of livestock and flying golf balls



From the church head south, away from the Castle Inn to the junction with Sunny Bank Road. There is a stone style on the left at the junction which leads to a path that follows the high ground away from the village.

The path continues over several stone styles unit it reaches Cote House Farm. The footpath goes around the rear ( North) of the property and over a wooden style. Turn right over the style and follow the fence around until it meets the stone wall, then follow the wall to the left, resuming the original direction of travel over another style and across the fields.




The path continues on the same level through a couple of fields and then swings slightly to the left as it proceeds to the gate at the far end of the field.

The gate leads onto a wide track with woodland rising up on the left. Follow this track to the cross roads. Take the left turn up the rough track which rises steeply from the junction. This is the steepest part of the walk, and is rewarded with excellent views at the top.




Continue along the track, through gateways until you reach Hollin Edge Farm. There is a sign for a public bridle way to the left at the top of the farm yard. Take this left turn and descend through the farm yard. This is a working farm so take care.



At the exit of the farm yard follow the lane down to the left and away from the farm. After a couple of hundred yards the stone wall on the right ends. Shortly after this the path turns of the lane and heads off towards Parsonage Farm.

Follow the path as it meanders to Parsonage Farm. From the farm take the access lane that leads out to the Townend Lane. Cross the road and turn left up Townend Lane using the pavement.




Continue up Townend Lane unit you reach Stocksbridge Golf Club on your left. About 50 yards beyond the Golf Club there is a stone style leading to a footpath between two houses. the path leads onto the golf course.





The path heads straight up across the golf course. Keep to the right of the stream as you head up the hill.

At the top of the path there is a stone style into a field. The path follows the edge of the right hand edge of the field. Walder’s Low is visible off to the right.




The path descends over another style back to Cote House Farm. Turn right just before the farm over the same wooden style crossed earlier in the walk.

Retrace your steps along the path back to Bolsterstone.


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