Start Point Car Park in Alstonefield village. Click here to see a map of the walk
Grid Reference SK 12911 55452  
Length 8.5 miles Click here to see a photo gallery from this walk.
Grade Some steep climbs and descents. Mostly well marked paths.  

Brief Description

A walk through some beautiful scenery. Starting in the picturesque village of Alstonefield the route drops down into Dove Dale. At the southern end of Dove Dale the route swing up above Dove Dale giving excellent views across the dale and beyond. The route then drops back into Dove Dale before climbing back to the village of Alstonefield.



Path by the church yard

From the car park turn left back into the centre of the village. Keep to the right as you go through the village, continuing out past the church onto Millway Lane.

After passing the church yard take the footpath to the right into the field.

The path in the field heads south towards the a stile in the wall before the far left corner of the field.

The path goes diagonally across the next field in a south-easterly direction.


Into Milldale

Cross into the next field and descend rapidly to the bottom right of the field.

Go through the stile and down the path into the village of Milldale.

Cross the bridge over the river. Follow the signs for Dove Dale.

Follow the path down Dove Dale, past the remarkable rock formations, including Ilam Rock, Reynard's Cave, Tissington Spires and Lover's Leap.

At the stepping stones you can continue down on the same side of the river and cross the bridge further down, or cross the stepping stones and go down the valley on the other side.

Path out from Dove Dale car park

When you reach the car par, (with toilets) go right out of the car park and immediately through the gates opposite.

Turn left and after 50m take the path off to the right.

After passing through a short stretch of woodland the path opens into a field.

Climb up across the field on the same heading. Pass over the stile and cross the small field over another stile.


Across the fields

The footpath splits at this point, one fork going straight ahead, the other heading north-west towards the ridge.

Take the North-west path which is off to you right as you stand on the stile.

Aim for a wooden stile in the hedge about 100m from the right hand end of the hedge. You are heading for the slight notch in the ridge ahead.

Pass through the wooden stile, and continue up the field to some stone steps built into the wall at the top of the field.

Follow the path up to the notch in the ridge.


Continue through the gap.

The path turns right to a northerly direction. The path is difficult to find as there are lots of sheep tracks to add to the confusion.

Stay on the west side of the hill, and maintain your current elevation.

After 200m the true path becomes clear.

Follow the path as far as the wooden gate-stile. Do not go through the stile, instead turn right and follow the wall up the hill.

At the top of the hill follow the wall to the left, and through the stile.


Continue up the hill, heading slightly east of north. Aim for the large tree on its own.

When you reach the big tree go north up the lane past the avenue of trees.

At the T-junction with the farm lane turn right.

Continue down the lane until your reach the building.

The footpath goes off to the right and then loops round to the left behind and below the building.

The path now travels through woodland, with glimpses down into Dove Dale.

Continue along the path. The path will turn right and drop steeply down the side of the valley, all the way down to the river.

On reaching the path by the river turn left and head upstream.


Stanshope village

A short way upstream the valley splits. Take the left hand fork and climb up towards Stanshope.

Follow the path up this dry valley.

On reaching the village of Stanshope take the right turn down the lane and head in a northerly direction.

After the farm the lane looses the tarmac and becomes a rough farm track.


Alstonefield church

Continue down the track until you reach a road.

Cross the road taking the footpath which is offset slightly to the left.

The path climbs steeply up the side of the valley.

Follow the path across the fields, aiming to path to the left of the church.

When you emerge into Alstonefield village turn left and retrace your steps back to the car park.

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